American Tactical Inc.
Glock 37 Conversion Kit
Precision Engineered CNC Cut 416 R Stainless Steel
Broach Cut and Finished Honed
Drop-in Fit, No Gunsmithing Required
1:10 Right Hand Twist 
Compatible with Lead Bullets 
Match Grade Accuracy 
This drop-in conversion kit takes your .45 G.A.P. Glock 37 and allows you to fire .40 S&W with a couple of simple part swaps. Please watch our installation video below for the main parts swap instructions.  This kit comes with a match grade .40 S&W barrel, .40 S&W extractor, and either a .45 G.A.P. or 9mm follower.  Once you have the parts in your Glock 37 swapped out, you will need to replace the .45 GAP magazine with a magazine for the .40 S&W (Glock 22 magazine sold separately).  Using the standard .40 S&W follower will feed the conversion kit, but the slide may not lock back after the last shot.  This is what the follower in the conversion kit is for, you simply swap the follower in your .40 S&W magazine with the .45 GAP follower and the slide will lock back as normal (on empty magazine). 
100% Made in the USA and Assembled in Summerville, SC by American Tactical!

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