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NEW IN 2017!

100% Made by American Tactical in Summerville, SC!

Now Available for the Omni Hybrid 410 AR Shotgun - The American Tactical .410 ga Choke Tube Set!

From sporting clay and trap to hunting, birdshot or buckshot, our 410 AR chokes will give you consistent and reliable patterns.

Precision machined from 4140 pre-hard steel for maximum performance and lifelong reliability.

With the right combination of shot size and choke, our chokes were designed to deliver 20” patterns at 40 yards, with effective patterns up to 50 yards.

These choke tubes are threaded M16X1 and are only designed to function with the Omni Hybrid .410 ga AR Shotgun from American Tactical.

Included in this set:

  • American Tactical 410 Choke Tube Wrench and storage holder (Wrench color may vary)
  • Improved Cylinder - .395 ****
  • Modified - .390 ***
  • Full - .380 **
  • Extra Full - .375 *


Note - Chokes are marked with coordinating **** dots on face of Choke to indicate Choke size



The Omni Hybrid 410 shoutgun only works with 2 1/2" shotgun shells.  Some manufacturers 2 1/2" shells are actually longer than 2 1/2" and may not operate in this gun.  Please check the length of your 2 1/2" shells prior to attempting to fire them.

The Omni Hybrid 410 shotgun only fires 410 ga cartridges.  Do not attempt to fire other calibers of ammunition through this firearm.  Other cartridges such as 45LC or 45-70 will not operate with this firearm and may cause damage to the shotgun and harm to the operator if attempted.


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Recommended Ammunition:


  • Use only commercial grade ammunition in its original packaging that corresponds with the caliber of the gun.  The correct caliber is imprinted on the gun.
  • Never use reloaded, “refurbished”, hand-loaded or non standard ammunition of a different caliber.
  • Never use dirty, wet, corroded, bent, damaged or oiled ammunition.
  • Unfortunately, it is not possible to adjust a semi-automatic gun to all loads.

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